hotel window caked with construction mess

Commercial and Construction Cleaning


PWCS uses traditional as well as Pure Water Fed Pole System. This allows us to reach windows up to 5 stories high safely from the ground. It also makes exterior window cleaning safer and more efficient. 

The water fed pole system, or WFD, uses purified water that is fed up a special pole to clean the windows. In this case, it will enable window cleaning of up to 5 stories from ground level. As always the goal is to clean the windows to a spotless clarity. For a more detailed explanation, click here.


 PWCS is ready to take on the needs of any client that is in need of window cleaning services, as well as a host of other property cleaning and or property maintenance services, like pressure washing, gutter cleaning, large surface area cleaning, soft wash, high area cleaning and maintenance, pot light replacement, repairs and more. Feel free to reach out whenever you need a quote or just have some questions about a service or anything else.



With a large array of commercial and post-construction cleaning experience, Professional Window Cleaning and Services is definitely a great company for commercial, post-construction, extra heavy duty and low rise window cleaning needs in Alberta and beyond. In these situations, experience can mean all the difference, so if you need help getting some information, an estimate, a quote, or resolving something else, call or email us to get a better idea of what you want to know. We try and be as transparent as possible about our business (no pun intended). Also, feel free to leave a message so we can get back to you.

Besides window cleaning, our other specialty services include medium to heavy duty pressure washing services, exterior property maintenance and eaves trough cleaning.